PRO POWERTECH has experience more than 10 years by focus in sales and service in electrical Telecommunication and Data Center business and also includes service on Preventive Maintenance by Engineer all in field and high experience.


Design DC Power and Solar power for Telecommunication
Design Data Center for small business
Design Electrical Power Optimization

Telecom power and network solutions

Service installation DC power and Network
Rectifier 48VDC, 24VDC and 12VDC
Battery and backup power solutions
Solar power solutions

Preventive maintenance service for battery

Measuring of cell voltage levels record and report provide
Report with the results of the inspection
Visual inspection to look for battery leakage, swelling, corrosion as well as the battery environment
Testing of cell/unit internal ohmic value
Checking batteries for loose connection
Recommendations needed to ensure your batteries operate at 100% capacity

Solar for telecommunication solutios

We provide installation services for solar cell systems and clean energy on communication networks by using cell towers and other forms according to customer needs in order to reduce costs.

Data Center and server room solutions

Access floor
Cable basket for power and network cables
Electrical distribution board
Uninterrupted power system and battery backup (UPS)
Room cooling solutions
DCIM and surveillance monitoring system
Fire suppression system
Network and cabling
Network operation control room (NOC)

Modular Data Center

Modular container data center is one solutions for mini server room by advantage design based on compatible comfortable for movement and expansion.